Travelling To Bali With Toddlers – Our Favourite Family Friendly Resort!

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We have been to Bali many times, and stayed in many places but the Movenpick Resort & Spa Jimbaran Bali is our top hotel pick for those travelling to Bali with toddlers. When we stayed here, Chloe was 5, Elliot just 3 and I heavily pregnant with Edward.

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We had such a great relaxing week there that none of us wanted to leave! When we did, Elliot cried every day for about two months as he missed it so much! He still talks about the breakfast buffet over 12 months later. They rate it as their favourite hotel, and for good reason.

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If you are travelling to Bali with toddlers or preschoolers and wondering where to stay, then you should definitely consider the Movenpick! Here are the reasons why it rates for us as our Number 1 pick for those travelling to Bali with toddlers or preschoolers!

Kids are treated like Royalty from the moment you check in.

There is a check-in counter especially for the smallest people in your party. Here, they find out about Kid’s Club and are presented with a soft toy. The special treatment doesn’t stop there, with a designated kid’s section at the breakfast buffet too. Our two loved the independence this gave them, being able to help themselves to alllll the donuts!

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Elliot couldn’t believe how delicious the donuts were!


Which leads us onto …

The breakfast buffet is phenomonal!

Since this is a Movenpick Resort, you’d expect nothing less! There is such a huge assortment of food to choose from.

image for travelling to Bali with toddlers - favourite family friendly resorts
The kid’s only breakfast buffet.

As mentioned, our kids loved the mini buffet, I loved the fresh juice bar and assortment of fruits, Michael loved the choice in hot foods. Being pregnant *may* have used that as a good excuse to have ice-cream for breakfast also!

The pirate-themed Kids Club is great fun for all ages!

Included in your accommodation package is four hours of Meera Kids Club each day. Our kids had the best time climbing through the ball pit, sliding down the slides, watching movies, crafting, attending the pool party and more! The staff were excellent and we were so sad to say goodbye!

image for travelling to Bali with toddlers - favourite family friendly resorts
Chloe and Elliot loved the staff in the Kid’s Club!

If you’re travelling to Bali with toddlers, you should note that children do have to be over 4 to be left there without a parent or nanny. We had no problems organising a sitter for Elliot through the hotel for a small hourly fee. Just make sure you let them know 24hrs in advance.

The swimming pools are the shining jewel of the hotel.

We pretty much spent all our days lazing by the pool. There are plenty of beanbags should you not score a coveted bale or sunchair.

travelling to Bali with toddlers - family friendly resorts

The pool areas is huge and fun to explore. There are two areas for children to play – one a small waterpark with waterslides and the other a waterplay area near the kid’s club.

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You don’t have to go far for a meal outside the hotel.

Walking and travelling in Bali with toddlers anywhere outside the hotel can be painful. It’s hot, you have to keep an eye out for hazards, and the pavements can be tricky to negotiate with a pram. What’s great about Movenpick is that attached to the hotel is Samasta Lifestyle Village. There you will find a variety of restaurants that is sure to have something to please even the fussiest of eaters. Many offer discounts for Movenpick guests, so be sure to mention that when settling the bill.

image for travelling to Bali with toddlers - favourite family friendly resorts
Chloe and Elliot exploring the neighbouring shopping complex.
The famous Jimbaran Beach is close by, which is perfect for little legs.

Our favourite thing to do outside the hotel was to sink our toes in the sand and enjoy a cool drink and Nasi Goreng on Jimbaran Beach. Lucky for us from the hotel, it’s easy to access.

image for travelling to Bali with toddlers - favourite family friendly resorts
Enjoying lunch on Jimbaran Beach.

Either walk the short back alley from the rear of the hotel or jump in the golf caddy from reception to get there. Our kids loved looking at all the live sea creatures in tanks outside each restaurant, unknowingly waiting their fate!

Jimbaran is much quieter than Kuta, Legian and Seminyak… so perfect if you want a chilled out holiday.

If you want to stay somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of these areas, then Jimbaran may be perfect for you. Cabs are easy to come by, and Kuta is a 20(ish) minute fare away.

Did we mention the baby-sitters? If you’re travelling to Bali with toddlers, YOU WILL NEED A KID FREE NIGHT!

Speak to the front desk about a nanny, you deserve some you time! So you don’t have to stray too far from your precious little one’s, there is a rooftop bar which is just perfect at sunset.

image for travelling to Bali with toddlers - favourite family friendly resorts

Unfortunately, we only got to experience this with kids which wasn’t at all relaxing… but still lovely.

If your children are older (over 8) I would say that unless they are happy swimming all day, then they may find other hotels like Grand Mirage or Dynasty Resort more suitable. We met some older kids by the pool who said that they found it all ‘a little boring’ as the kids club is geared for younger kids, and the waterslides aren’t that thrilling. Our mini-Peachey’s however rate it at their favourite hotel ever!

image for travelling to Bali with toddlers - favourite family friendly resorts

With its beautiful swimming pools, water play areas, kids club and child friendly facilities, the Movenpick Resort & Spa at Jimbaran Bay really does provide all that you need for a relaxing  and stress free family holiday.

If you’re travelling to Bali with toddlers or young kids,  add it to your short-list today and let us know how you enjoyed it!




Week 3 of the 9-Week Challenge

Welcome to week three of the 9-Week Challenge. So what’s new?

Making it personal

You’re busy. You have small children that you can’t leave alone. You have an unpredictable schedule. I get it. The good news is you don’t need to set aside an hour a day for exercise to get a good, or even great, level of fitness.

You can work exercise into your everyday life so it takes no time. Your goal for this week is to brainstorm, and come up with (at least) one way you can work exercise into what you’re already doing.

Drink 1L of water every day

I’m not going to go into the health benefits of staying hydrated. You already know them. So why don’t we do it?

Your goal is 1L of water. Doesn’t sound hard, does it? You’ll be surprised.

Again, there is no need to cut back on anything else. If you want to drink 5 cups of coffee a day AND the 1L of water, go ahead. You might find yourself naturally cutting back anyway…



Strength. The options of Easy, Medium or Harder have gone. Now we have numbered progressions (1, 2 or 3). If you don’t find Level 1 EASY or feel like you haven’t MASTERED the technique, stay on it. Our priority of work is technique, then consistency, then intensity. The new exercises are here.

Strength-Endurance. Looks simple doesn’t it. Lunge. Rest if needed. Do a couple of push-ups. Repeat. Go for 100m. Take as long as you need… but stop if the clock hits 20mins.

Endurance. You have Easy, Medium or Hard to choose from. An increase in the jogging time in Medium, and there’s more progression in the Hard HIIT program.

*** If you are at all intimidated by the level you *think* you should be doing, and this is a barrier to you getting out there… just do the easy one. You will benefit more by going for a 20min walk than thinking about doing a Medium or Hard session.

Daily Movement

Move for 10 minutes EVERY non-workout day… and stretch. Just one bit. For a few seconds.

You know there’s at least one stretch you should be doing. That stiff back. That tight shoulder. That sore hip.

Is one stretch of a few seconds enough? Not really. But it’s better than nothing. The goal here is to just get started… and I know that if you just start you’ll do more anyway!

So go ahead… write down one way you’re going to fit exercise into your daily life, and the one stretch you’re going to do

Before You Blog… Facebook vs. Website?

Facebook vs blogging with Coasting Australia

If you want to share your journey, is a Facebook Page the way to go? Or should you start a Facebook Group instead? What about a website?

The answer is… it depends!

If you do decide to start a blog on a website, we discuss some of the things to consider, and some of the mistakes to avoid.

Today we’re joined by Bryony from Coasting Australia. In this episode we discuss the pros and cons of each of these different approaches, and the reality of running a blog.


You can find Bryony here at Coasting Australia, and the article 1000 True Fans.

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Our Favourite Educational App for Pre-Schoolers?

Reading Eggs Banner

We were like every other parent… “when I have kids, they’re not going to be allowed to play on the iPad.” Weren’t we in for a shock! When we found Reading Eggs though, it made us a bit more at ease with the iPad use.

Like you, we don’t want our kids mindlessly watching product reviews on YouTube.

But Reading Eggs? Our 4 year old Elliot fell in love with it the moment he used it.  It’s the one app that we’d happily let our pre-schooler play with as much he’d like.

What’s so good about Reading Eggs anyway?

The Reading Eggs website will list all of the things they think is important about the app. For us though?

1. We can see he’s learning, so we love it

2. It’s entertaining, so he loves it

We’re actually at the point where we use this educational app as a reward!

The good news is that you can get a 4-week FREE trial of Reading Eggs by clicking on this picture. And no, credit card details aren’t required:

Reading Eggs 4 Weeks Free Trial

There is one thing from their website that’s worth sharing:

“Try the multi-award winning online reading program for ages 2–13. Based on scientific research, we guarantee your child’s reading ability will improve in just weeks.”

Our plan was to only do the 4 week trial as part of homeschooling while travelling. Elliot got so much out of it in that time, we ended up purchasing.

Why did we end up buying Reading Eggs after the free trial?

We could see the progress. We could see there was more to get out of it. Other apps just weren’t the same. They weren’t quite as engaging because they were a bit all over the place.

Reading Eggs? It’s like a video game. The kids just want to learn the letters, the sight words, and win the games so they can get to the next level. Everyone wins!

Click here to try it out for free for four weeks and let us know how you go!

* This post may contain affiliate links which means we make a small amount of money at no cost to you. Thank you for your support

How to Choose the Right Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)… with Galways Go Round

How to Choose the Right Stand Up Paddleboard SUP

A Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) is a great way to relax, get some exercise, escape the kids, or hang out with the kids. They’re pretty awesome! 

But… there’s length, shape, width, and construction to think about. They’re not a cheap item, so you want to get it right. 

Today we’re lucky enough to have back with us Adam and Sharon Galway, aka the Galways Go Round

In this episode we cover: 

– Choosing the right size 

– Considerations when choosing between inflatable vs. rigid fibreglass SUPs 

– Myths and misconceptions about inflatable SUPs… and much more!

Also available on StitcherRadio PublicCastboxOvercastPodBeanBreaker,and Pocket Casts


Mentioned in this episode is the Red Paddle Co SUPs. Check out the Galways’ page for more details.


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Top 5 Travel Toys For Preschoolers – Our Favourites!

top toys for caravanning camping preschooler

Do you have a preschooler who loves all their toys?

Are you stressing about what to take ?

Do you have next to no storage space in your caravan? Know you have to cull the ‘take’ pile, but worry you’ll leave a favourite behind?

We were in that position too. When we moved into our caravan for a week to prepare ourselves for our trip, our four year old, Elliot, had so many toys I seriously couldn’t breathe.

Over time this number has reduced drastically, and he is thrilled with the few toys that he has. The toys sit in a tub at the end of his bed and are the first thing he pulls out whenever we arrive anywhere.  Every single one gets loads of use.

top 5 toys preschooler caravanning camping

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