“What is one thing that you wished you’d never packed?” A regular question in every Facebook travelling group… and every person’s answer is different.  Annex. Thermomix. Scooters. Portable washing machine. Whether or not to take these seems to be more polarising than peoples’ views on Donald Trump.


The best bit of advice we had was to make a shopping list in categories:

1. Need

2. Want

3. Maybe


We took this one step further: need before we start travelling (e.g. a fold-up table for the Baby Q), and need after we start (e.g. jerry cans to carry drinking water for once we started free camping). The good thing about this was that we only used the proceeds from clearing the clutter to fund our shopping list.


We still made mistakes though. Once we started our travelling stress prevention week (Week 1: Further Isn’t Better), each day we’d be getting rid of something we previously thought we couldn’t live without. Even now we’re still getting rid of things that we realise are just taking up space, and are constantly reorganising our shelving to suit.

Unless you’re heading across the Nullarbor on Day 1, our advice to make travelling more affordable is simple. If there’s any doubt, don’t buy it. There’s plenty of Bunnings and BCFs on the way, and ordering online is still doable when you plan ahead.