After 3-months on the road we’ve discovered the apps we can’t live without are actually ones we should have been using before we started our gypsy lifestyle 🤷‍♂️


✅ Gas Finder (Refills & Swaps) – A free app… that saved us $10 the first time we used it!💰


✅ Fuel Map Australia – After doing over 5,000km, it’s safe to say we’ve spent a fair bit on diesel⛽ This free app has saved us between $50-$100 for doing nothing different than knowing which servo to stop at


✅ Beanhunter – Because life is too short for terrible coffee ☕ Beanhunter


WikiCamps – A MUST for anyone who travels. It’s saved us money, helped us avoid some terrible places, and helped us find some gems that we wouldn’t have otherwise considered. Well worth the few dollars it cost


Please let us know if there’s any that we’ve missed?