Week 1 of the 9-Week Challenge is Here!

Welcome to week one of the 9-Week Challenge. So what’s the plan?

Making it personal

Write down what you want to achieve… and why. Get specific. This way you’ll know if the changes you make are working.

Starting a food diary

Why? Because the number one change to your diet should be a food diary


There are three workouts to do.

Strength (20mins of Work).

You should aim to complete this on Monday (or Tuesday if life is in the way). Choose between Easy, Medium or Harder depending on your level of fitness. If in doubt, choose the easier option. Always. Slow and steady wins the race here.

Strength-Endurance (20mins).

Wednesday or Thursday. Everyone gets the same work out here. The difference is you choose how hard you work. You can smash through the exercises and run hard… or move slow and steady. The aim of the game is continuous movement.

Endurance (20mins).

You have Easy, Medium or Hard to choose from. Warning: if you have not done interval training for some time then choose Medium.

Daily Movement

Move for 10 minutes EVERY non-workout day. If you are going to fail at something… don’t let it be this! When I was a rehabilitation physiotherapist most of my clients weren’t recovering from injury or surgery. They were mostly people whose physical abilities had declined slowly over the years from not moving. True story. If you get to the end of the day and you realise that you haven’t moved non-stop for 10 minutes, go for a walk. It’s only 10 minutes people.


Before you go…

None of this will be hard.

Especially if you choose the appropriate work out. It’s intentional. We will be gradually adding in more.

There’s an app for that.

Check out 5 FREE Fitness Apps that Will Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals.

What’s that exercise?

I will be posting a video for every exercise. This will include how to make sure you have the correct technique and key points to remember.

Warm-up properly.

You would like more information on warmups? No problemo. Just post in the group.

Medical clearance.

Before starting any exercise program you should always seek medical clearance from your doctor.


Last but not least…

You will get more out of this if you are active in the Facebook Group.

By supporting others who are doing this to, they’ll support you in return. Post. Comment. React.

This is from a series of articles from the 9-Week Health and Fitness Challenge for Travellers. The program designed for people who have no access to a gym, equipment, or special ingredients… while having clingy kids and an unpredictable schedule!

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