Week 2 of the 9-Week Challenge is Here!

Welcome to week two of the 9-Week Challenge. So what’s new?

Making it personal

We know our goals. We wrote them down day one. And deep down we already know what we need to be doing to get there.

Now that we’re a week in we should have a bit of an idea about what we aren’t quite getting to. That’s okay – identifying it is half the battle.

Can you make one small change?

Set a reminder on your phone? Buy a water bottle? Commit to posting once a week in this group? Get up 30 minutes early one day per week? Get a yoga mat so you don’t get dirty?

Find one small thing that will make one small change.

Eat some healthy snacks

Healthy snacking has been a common theme in the Facebook Group this week. Read the posts and this article.

Do you know what’s not sustainable? Making a commitment to cut out your favourite snacks and replacing them with “healthy” options for the rest of your life. There is nothing wrong with having a doughnut every now and again. It’s healthy for your overall happiness.

But can you make this commitment?

Have some healthy snack options 4 out of 7 days this week. This may mean adding in some things. Things that you find satisfying.

Notice you’re not being asked to give anything up?

If you’re already doing this, awesome. If you’re not, it’s a pretty small change. One that you should be able to keep up.


The three workouts for the week are:


Choose between Easy, Medium or Harder. We’ve introduced the ring rows. The Easy and Medium levels have had the number of sets increased. If you found them easy in Week 1, there are now slightly harder variations for the core, pushing, and leg strength exercises.


Everyone gets the same work out here. The difference is you choose not just how hard you work, but also which push-up and squat progression you use. Click here for the exercise descriptions.

The idea here is to complete 1 rep of each exercise. Then 2 of each… etc. Once you lose form in any of the exercises, restart at 1. Do 10 cycles.


You have Easy, Medium or Hard to choose from. No change in Easy or Medium, let’s let our bodies adapt.

Daily Movement

No change here, but now we have a tick-box to keep us accountable to ourselves. Move for 10 minutes EVERY day.


Some of you might think nothing is hard so far?


There’s a lot of reasons for this.

For now… write down your barriers and your “one thing”

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