Week 3 of the 9-Week Challenge

Welcome to week three of the 9-Week Challenge. So what’s new?

Making it personal

You’re busy. You have small children that you can’t leave alone. You have an unpredictable schedule. I get it. The good news is you don’t need to set aside an hour a day for exercise to get a good, or even great, level of fitness.

You can work exercise into your everyday life so it takes no time. Your goal for this week is to brainstorm, and come up with (at least) one way you can work exercise into what you’re already doing.

Drink 1L of water every day

I’m not going to go into the health benefits of staying hydrated. You already know them. So why don’t we do it?

Your goal is 1L of water. Doesn’t sound hard, does it? You’ll be surprised.

Again, there is no need to cut back on anything else. If you want to drink 5 cups of coffee a day AND the 1L of water, go ahead. You might find yourself naturally cutting back anyway…



Strength. The options of Easy, Medium or Harder have gone. Now we have numbered progressions (1, 2 or 3). If you don’t find Level 1 EASY or feel like you haven’t MASTERED the technique, stay on it. Our priority of work is technique, then consistency, then intensity. The new exercises are here.

Strength-Endurance. Looks simple doesn’t it. Lunge. Rest if needed. Do a couple of push-ups. Repeat. Go for 100m. Take as long as you need… but stop if the clock hits 20mins.

Endurance. You have Easy, Medium or Hard to choose from. An increase in the jogging time in Medium, and there’s more progression in the Hard HIIT program.

*** If you are at all intimidated by the level you *think* you should be doing, and this is a barrier to you getting out there… just do the easy one. You will benefit more by going for a 20min walk than thinking about doing a Medium or Hard session.

Daily Movement

Move for 10 minutes EVERY non-workout day… and stretch. Just one bit. For a few seconds.

You know there’s at least one stretch you should be doing. That stiff back. That tight shoulder. That sore hip.

Is one stretch of a few seconds enough? Not really. But it’s better than nothing. The goal here is to just get started… and I know that if you just start you’ll do more anyway!

So go ahead… write down one way you’re going to fit exercise into your daily life, and the one stretch you’re going to do

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