Week 4 of the 9-Week Challenge

We’re up to week 4 of the 9-Week Challenge. So what’s new?

Making it personal

So we’re nearing the half-way mark… and it’s been enough time that you should be seeing results.

Ask yourself, are you on the way to meeting your goal health and fitness goals?

If yes, that’s awesome.


Then maybe the changes we’ve been making aren’t the right changes? Or maybe they’re not enough?

Think of ONE thing that you need to change to move you closer.

If you can’t think of anything, post a question (or feel free to send a private message).

Eat a protein rich breakfast

Most Australians eat far more protein than they actually need, so deficiencies are rare.


Proteins are made up of amino acids, and our body can’t store them… so they must be supplied on an ongoing basis. The most effective way of getting protein into our diet is to eat small amounts at every meal.

How much?

Just start.

The amount you need depends on your weight, age and health. As a rough guide, the recommended daily intake is 0.75 g/kg for adult women and 0.84 g/kg for men. This means that if you’re 75kg, about 18g per meal for women and 21g for men.

That’s not a lot.

High protein diets?

Studies show that muscle is gained at the same rate whether you supplement or not… and a very high- protein diet can strain the kidneys and liver, and prompt excessive loss of the mineral calcium.


Strength. We now have another progression. If you don’t find the level you’ve been working on EASY or feel like you haven’t MASTERED the technique, stay on it. The link to exercise demonstrations is here

Strength-Endurance. Walk (or run), do a push-up, then stand up. Walk some more, do a push up, stand up, do a push, then stand up again. The getting down and up again is the magic of this workout. Remember, slow and steady wins the race… just keep moving.

Endurance. We’ve now added in 100m intervals in the Hard HIIT program. If you’re doing this one, it’s important that you do them in the correct order. If you go straight out and try to run 100m, you’re likely to injure yourself.

*** Remember!

If you just do the easiest progression in the strength exercise, plod through the strength-endurance workout, and just do a 20-minute walk this is a great start to improving your health and fitness

Daily Movement

No change here… if you’re walking every day and stretching your ‘thing’ every day, you’re doing well

So… are you making baby steps towards your goal? If they’re big steps, good. If they’re the tiniest little changes, good. No? Comment below one thing you plan to do differently

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