You Want to Travel, BUT… an Interview with yTravel

So you want to take that trip, but worried about all the things that can go wrong?

Even if you are already travelling, are you still feeling held back from making some other big decisions or working towards bigger goals?

In this episode we’re joined by Caroline Makepeace of yTravel Blog (, one of the world’s Top 10 travel blogs. […]

Doing Oz with a Dog… What’s it Really Like?

What do you miss out on if you take your dog around Australia in a caravan or camper?

This is a question that we and many others have asked!

Weighing up the pros and cons of taking a four legged friend around Australia is a big topic, and one that’s super important to make sure you have the truth before you make your own decision based on your personal circumstances. […]

Our Top 20 Items Under $20 that Make Our Life on the Road Easier

We’ve always been reluctant to let “stuff” into our car or caravan. But, there are some small things that you can purchase that seem to make a big difference to your caravan and camping lifestyle. They reduce the number of steps in your set-up and take-down, or just make life easier in general.

After we released this episode of The Family Travel Podcast, we’ve had messages about which products we use. You can listen to the episode at the links below, or read here: […]

Keep Your Beer Cold and Your Battery Charged

Do you need a car fridge? The answer is no.

Not if you like having less storage space for your travels, paying more for your groceries away from the major centres, and limiting the food you can take on day trips. Or warm beer.

But how should you power it?

The answer is… it depends.

Can you rely on the built in low voltage cut-off that some fridges have built into them? […]

Preparing for Remote Family Travel – an Interview with Chaos in a Tin Can

Preparing for remote travel with family (or without)?

The Oodnadatta Track, the Tanami Desert, and the Gibb River Road… these are just three of the roads travelled by Aaron and Jacq, also known as Chaos in a Tin Can.

Hearing this prior to crossing the Savannah Way was an immense help for us. […]

Using YouTube and a Drone to Fund Travels – with Pokey & Sunshine Do Australia

This is not necessarily an episode about how to use a drone.

This is an episode about how if you want to travel Australia, there’s options if you put your mind to it… and you can use YouTube to learn almost anything you want.

Pokey and Sunshine created a new business from scratch, while on the road, and learned everything they needed to off the school of YouTube! […]

The Life Changing Effect of Travel

Don’t have a whole year to do a full lap of the country?

Can’t commit to becoming a full-time traveller?

The good news is that it’s not just the places you see, but the people you meet, and the journey itself… regardless of how long you go for.

The preparation for travel (the decluttering, the journey into minimalism, letting go of ‘stuff’ and identifying what’s really important to you) has as much importance as the travel itself. […]