How did The Family Travel Podcast begin?

Wouldn’t it have been awesome if there was a podcast about this when we were getting ready to start our travels?

Why don’t we make one?

This was an actual conversation we had… and this led us to create:

The Family Travel Podcast!

The podcast where we help families plan their adventures, whether it’s for a week, indefinitely, or anywhere in between.

Our goal is to show you that you don’t need to be super rich or retired to take the trip of your dreams.

As well as bringing you stories of everyday families who are already doing it, we also bring you must see highlights from places that we & our guests visit, & hints & tips from experts on topics such as how to get started, getting the right gear, home schooling, funding your travels, how to best capture your memories, & more!

Listen to our latest episode right here:

Available Episodes and Show Notes: The Family Travel Podcast

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Family Life on a Yacht… an Interview with ‘Sailing to Roam’ ***popular***

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Our Crazy Campfire Clan (Family of the Week)

Towing Capacity and Weights Explained

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Preparing for Travel – Clearing the Clutter

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Homeschooling on the Road

Kids Camp Free and More… with TAWK

Our Epic Lifestyle (Family of the Week)

First Aid Essentials for Travelling Families

MILSY Pezwardo (Family of the Week)

Set-Up Costs: You Don’t Need to Spend a Fortune

Vehicle Preparation & Maintenance for the Non-Mechanic

Our Story (Family of the Week)

What to expect from The Family Travel Podcast?

After speaking to some amazing people that are already travelling, we realised that we could really go deep in to some of the things they brought up.

So… The Family Travel Podcast brings you stories from inspirational families that are already travelling, especially those that have in-depth knowledge about a particular topic. There are families out there who are travelling full-time that are subject matter experts on things like travelling with kids, travelling with pets, budgeting, working while travelling, being a digital nomad, etc. These are the families that we bring to you!

We want to show you that travelling as a family is not only cheaper and easier than you think, but also bring you some of the information we wish we’d knew before we hit the road.