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In this article I’ll review the Ezi Hockey Sticks that are made for Jayco Camper Trailers by AGeckoCan Ezi Products.

If you have trouble setting up the beds then these make things are designed to make things easier

[you only need to extend a hinge rather than pushing on the canvas]


Are they that much easier?

Is introducing another moving part just something else to break?


Are they worth the price?

Here’s my thoughts:

Ezi Hockey Sticks: What do they do exactly?

The normal process to set up the beds in a Jayco camper trailer is this:

  1. Push the end of the hockey stick into the plastic bed saddle to extend the canvas
  2. Slide the other end of the poll into the hockey stick fixing bracket, then
  3. Do up the Velcro

Not only do a lot of people find this really hard… but there’s a couple of plastic components here that frequently break

Broken Parts of Jayco Camper Trailer Centre Rafter Hockey Stick Pole

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The Ezi Hockey Sticks solve this problem by incorporating a hinge into the stick:

You can attach the Ezi Hockey Stick to the plastic bed saddle and hockey stick fixing bracket without being under tension… and then gently extend the hinge to lock it in place

This short video demonstrates it perfectly:

Now that I have some myself…

My Review: First impressions of the Ezi Hockey Sticks…

The first thing that comes to mind is: attention to detail.

During the ordering process you measure up your existing hockey sticks because the Ezi Hockey Sticks are individually manufactured to match

Ezi Hockey Stick Ordering Process - Custom Made to Fit Our Jayco Swan Camper Trailer

[it seems that there is that much of a variation in Jayco’s manufacturing process]

Once they arrived, the first thing I thought…

They’re heavy duty and definitely won’t bend easily:

Ezi Hockey Stick - Heavy Duty and Won't Bend Easily

The pair of hockey sticks in my Jayco Swan OB weigh just under 1 kg while the pair of Ezi Hockey Sticks weighed in at 2.4 kg


[before you freak out… that’s only a total weight difference of about 3 beers]

Something else that alleviated one of my concerns:

Ezi Hockey Stick with Coated Sleeve to Prevent Rubbing and Wear on Canvas

The slide mechanism has a protective plastic tubing over it so the metal won’t rub on the canvas

What’s included with the Ezi Hockey Sticks?

On top of the sticks themselves you can get these metal hockey stick fixing brackets:

Ezi Hockey Stick Metal Fixing Brackets for Jayco Camper Trailers

The end of the hockey stick fits straight in:

Ezi Hockey Stick in Metal Fixing Brackets for Jayco Camper Trailers

A good thing is that the Ezi Hockey Sticks fit into the existing hockey stick fixing brackets.

So although you don’t need to install the metal ones…

Ezi Hockey Stick - Fits Into Standard Jayco Camper Trailer Hockey Stick Fixing Bracket

…considering how often the standard hockey stick fixing brackets get broken it’s worth the upgrade

My results from using the Ezi Hockey Stick in our Jayco Swan

Now don’t get me wrong, I love tinkering with our Jayco Swan

[I’m currently working my way through this list of the 35 Most Popular Jayco Camper Trailer Modifications]

But sometimes I need to psych myself up to start a project.

So a day after receiving these by courier I made my way out to our Swan.

I inserted the stick at both ends…

Step 1 - Insert the Ezi Hockey Stick in Jayco Swan Camper Trailer

…pushed up…

Step 2 - Push the Hinge Up on the Ezi Hockey Stick

…and then slid the collar over the hinge.

Step 3 - Slide Collar Across to Lock Ezi Hockey Stick


It really was A LOT easier

(even with the velcro already done up)

I gave it a good shake to test it…

Testing the Ezi Hockey Stick in Our Jayco Swan Camper Trailer - Very Secure

…that’s not going anywhere.

Ezi Hockey Sticks price: Expensive but worth it?

The Ezi Hockey Sticks aren’t cheap at around $220

(especially if you currently find it easy to set up the beds in your Jayco camper trailer)

Some people find this job difficult though… even if they leave the Velcro to last.

Ezi Hockey Stick Price - Worth It If Injured Or Find Jayco Swift Bed Difficult

If you need to make a team sport of setting up your beds then I reckon these would be worth every dollar:

Ezi Hockey Stick Price - Worth It If Need More Than One Person To Set Up Jayco Camper Trailer Bed

Verdict: Ezi Hockey Sticks for Jayco Camper Trailers

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Ezi Hockey Sticks for Jayco Camper Trailers:

They’ve made it a lot easier for us to set up our beds in our Jayco Swan.

I highly recommend them for anyone that leaves the Velcro to last, but still:

  • Has trouble getting the hockey sticks in
  • It hurts when they do it, or
  • It takes more than one person

Click here to visit AGeckoCan Ezi Products

Comment below if you have any questions… otherwise check out our article: 35 Most Popular Jayco Camper Trailer Modifications

Ezi Hockey Sticks


Ease of Use




Value for Money


Ease of Installation





  • Makes setting up the bed easier
  • Works straight out of the packet
  • Ordering process makes sure it's a perfect fit
  • Quality construction


  • Weigh about 1.5 kg more than the standard hockey sticks
  • Would be good if they were the same colour