Here’s 9 Jayco camper spare parts that can help get you out of trouble while you’re camping.

Now, these aren’t things like duct tape, silicon spray, and cable ties….

…this list is about the things that commonly break on a wind-up camper 

[because of the number of moving parts involved in setting and packing up] 

Here we go: 

1. Plastic bed saddles 

These are the plastic things with the round knobbly bit that the Jayco bed hockey sticks attach to: 

Plastic Bed Saddles for Jayco Swan Camper Trailer - Round Bracket for Hockey Stick

The round bits on these are prone to snapping off 

Jayco Camper Trailer Hockey Stick Plastic Bed Saddle

[especially if you do up the Velcro before inserting or removing the hockey stick] 

Sure you can make do with some duct tape until you get home… 

…but for about $4 from your local Jayco store (or a few dollars more here on eBay) having at least one of these in your spare parts kit is pretty good insurance 

2. Eye bolts for the lifting cable mechanism

The biggest fear for any Jayco camper trailer owner is to be out camping and one of the lifting arms won’t work:

Usually (and hopefully) it’s one of these eyebolts that has opened up.

Jayco Winch System Eye Bolt Opened

For $1.73 at Bunnings, a couple of these M6 100mm eye bolts should be in every Jayco camper spare parts kit.

These non-welded eye bolts are like fuses for your Jayco windup camper winch system…

M6 100 mm Eye Bolt - Jayco Camper Trailer Spare Parts

…they can act as an engineered weak point in the system that you can repair on the campsite

[and hopefully stop the cable from snapping which is harder to replace]

3. Door turnbutton latches 

Ironically one of these has snapped off in our Jayco Swan while I’ve been writing this article: 

Jayco Swan Camper Broken Door Turnbutton - Required In Spare Parts Kit

Now, there’s two different types to carry here

The best place to get the ones for the top isn’t from a Jayco spare parts dealer, but Bunnings:

Jayco Camper Spare Parts - Door Turnbuttons

(Delf Turnbutton 40mm – Satin Chrome I/N: 0013285)…

Jayco Camper Door Turnbutton

…but for the ones that hold the main part of the door together, the best place is here from RV Parts Express via their eBay store for about $5 

4. Roof safety kill switch 

One of the most frequently asked questions in the Jayco Camper Trailer Owners Australia group is:

Why aren’t my lights working when I have power everywhere else?

A roof safety kill switch that’s malfunctioning is the answer in the majority of cases:

Jayco Camper Roof Safety Switch - Metal Tongue Missing or Removed

It’s designed to cut the power when the roof of your Jayco camper is down… but the little metal lever often gets bent or stuck.

Jayco Camper Roof Safety Switch

Some people just bypass them by joining the wires…

…or you could get a spare one here from Suncoast Caravan Service off eBay and carry a replacement

5. Hockey stick fixing brackets 

These hockey stick fixing brackets and insert are something that seem to break or become worn 

(and then the hockey stick easily gets dislodged if bumped) 

These take up next to no space in your spare parts kit

Jayco Camper Spare Parts - Hockey Stick Fixing Bracket

(ours came with the insert too)

Jayco Camper Spare Parts - Hockey Stick Fixing Bracket Insert

Looks like they’re sold out everywhere online at the moment…

…so check back in here and I’ll update this article when I find somewhere that gets them in stock.

6. Nylon curtain clips

One of the most popular Jayco camper trailer modifications is to replace the curtains with roller blinds:

Jayco Camper Trailer Modifications - Replace curtains with roller blinds

One of the reasons for this is that these curtain clips break. A lot.

Carrying some of these in your spare parts kit helps keep the OCD at bay:

Jayco Camper Spare Parts - Nylon Curtain Clips

No one likes uneven curtains.

Especially when you can buy these Jayco curtain clips here for only $0.25c each.

Read our article: 35 Most Popular Jayco Camper Trailer Modifications

7.Set of wheel bearings

To be honest:

I don’t have a clue how to replace wheel bearings.

But the point is this:

It’s worth having a set in your spare parts kit because any mechanic can do it IF they have the right ones handy

[but you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere waiting for parts]

So which ones do you need?

The set of wheel bearings you need can depend on the year, model, and axle rating of your particular Jayco camper.

The way to make sure you get the right spare parts for your Jayco camper is to pull a hub off and get the bearing and seal part numbers

8. Door lock set

A spare door lock set seems a bit much… but it ended up on our shopping list since doing research for this article:

It sounds like these frequently break.

Jayco Camper Spare Parts Kit - Door Lock Set

My plan is to buy a set like this one off eBay with keys that match my boot and tunnel boot locks so they’re all keyed alike

(and put the current one in my spare parts kit)

9. Screenmend fly screen repair kit

Mosquitoes inside your camper can really ruin a good night’s sleep…

…and Jayco campers are prone to having holes poked in the fly screens during the pack up process

(see no. 16 on this list of 23 Tips For New Jayco Camper Trailer Owners)

Jayco Camper Spare Parts Kit - Screenmend Fly Screen Repair Kit

Having some of this stuff in your spare parts kit can help mend holes in your fly screen.

And although it might seem a little overkill, I’ve opted for 2 different types that you can get off eBay:

  1. These self-adhesive patches for temporary repairs while free camping
  2. Some heat-activated Screenmend patches (which stick better for when we can get to a hairdryer)

10. Gas cooktop nylon turnbuckle 

To tell the truth I almost didn’t include this one in this list

[the only reason I did is because there was already one in my spare parts kit]

This is the latch that helps lock the gas cooktop lid in place in its upright position

Jayco Camper Gas Cooktop Nylon Turnbutton

It’s small. Cheap. And annoying if you accidentally break one.

Even though it’s something that could probably wait until you get home, why not have one on hand?

Jayco Camper Spare Parts - Nylon Turnbuckle for Gas Cooktop

They’re only about $1.30 from ALL RV Parts and Accessories

Summary: Jayco camper spare parts to carry when camping

We carry nearly all of these spare parts for our Jayco Swan… and they take up next to no space

(we’ll add the wheel bearings and spare door lock set soon)

If you’ve got a Swan, Eagle, Flamingo, Hawk, Dove, Swift etc then you might also like this article: 35 Most Popular Jayco Camper Trailer Modifications