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We were like every other parent… “when I have kids, they’re not going to be allowed to play on the iPad.” Weren’t we in for a shock! When we found Reading Eggs though, it made us a bit more at ease with the iPad use.

Like you, we don’t want our kids mindlessly watching product reviews on YouTube.

But Reading Eggs? Our 4 year old Elliot fell in love with it the moment he used it.  It’s the one app that we’d happily let our pre-schooler play with as much he’d like.

What’s so good about Reading Eggs anyway?

The Reading Eggs website will list all of the things they think is important about the app. For us though?

1. We can see he’s learning, so we love it

2. It’s entertaining, so he loves it

We’re actually at the point where we use this educational app as a reward!

The good news is that you can get a 4-week FREE trial of Reading Eggs by clicking on this picture. And no, credit card details aren’t required:

Reading Eggs 4 Weeks Free Trial

There is one thing from their website that’s worth sharing:

“Try the multi-award winning online reading program for ages 2–13. Based on scientific research, we guarantee your child’s reading ability will improve in just weeks.”

Our plan was to only do the 4 week trial as part of homeschooling while travelling. Elliot got so much out of it in that time, we ended up purchasing.

Why did we end up buying Reading Eggs after the free trial?

We could see the progress. We could see there was more to get out of it. Other apps just weren’t the same. They weren’t quite as engaging because they were a bit all over the place.

Reading Eggs? It’s like a video game. The kids just want to learn the letters, the sight words, and win the games so they can get to the next level. Everyone wins!

Click here to try it out for free for four weeks and let us know how you go!

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