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In this article you’ll find 3 of the best caravan towing mirrors.

Now ‘best’ doesn’t just mean most expensive.

These are based on:

Value for money.

Ease of installation.


Caravan Towing Mirrors Cartoon

So if you’re after some caravan towing mirrors, strap in to find out 3 options to help keep you legal:

1. Drive ‘Easy Fit’ Mirrors: The Best Caravan Towing Mirrors on a Budget

Drive Brand are the towing mirrors we’re using right now.


Well, these were a cheap and easy replacement when our previous ones went “missing”. They were only $55 from eBay. Over 15,000 km later, they’re still going strong.

Drive Easy Fit Towing Mirrors

What’s to like about them?

  1. The price. They’re pretty cheap. But do the same job.
  2. Ease of installation. They strap on, and stay on.
  3. Adjustable. Slide the arm in and out depending on your vehicle width.
  4. Ease of removal. The mirror arm slides right out. So even when you’re not towing, you can take the mirror out, but leave the base on the car. Makes it super easy to put them back on when you’re going to tow next.

What’s not to like about them?

They’re not quite as aerodynamic as the Milenco Aero 3’s, so if they’re sticking out too far the occasional truck will blow them in.

What other people think?

The seller I bought them from has sold over 200 of them with a 4.6 star rating… so pretty good!

Best place to buy a pair

This seller in Bairnsdale, VIC via eBay [who I got mine through]


2. Clear View Extendable Mirrors: The Best Caravan Towing Mirrors for Everyday Use

If you live in your caravan, then these might be the best towing mirrors for you.

Clear View mirrors are extendable. After a little installation, they’re a permanent replacement for your existing mirrors.

With a pair of these on, you definitely won’t be judged by the other full-timers as being a lowly holiday maker. These things just scream of:

“I’m a grey/blonde/red nomad, and I take caravanning seriously.” 

Clear View Extendable Towing Mirrors

What’s to like about them?

They’re permanent. When they’re on, they’re on. They can’t fall off. Or get blown off by a truck. Or get stolen.

They’re easy. If you alternate between towing and driving without your van regularly… then you can’t beat the fact they these are extendable.

What’s not to like about them?

  1. They’re the price of a home renovation. But hey, if your van IS your home, go your hardest.
  2. Even when they’re not extended, they are very wide. Not illegal wide. But wide enough to look like you’re still towing… and that you still have towing mirrors on.
  3. Because they’re wide, they’re prone to car park incidents. A lot of people then feel the need to fold them in at the supermarket, which means having to adjust them. Again.
  4. Blind spots. Surprisingly.

What other people think?

On productreview.com.au they’ve only got a rating of 3.1 stars… which isn’t great. But one of the frequent comments is that they’re overpriced for what you get. I’m not sure what they were expecting… they’re $700+ mirrors after all!

Best place to buy a pair

You could buy them direct from Clear View… but it may instead be worth checking out some alternatives on eBay. Some ones with good reviews are BettaView Towing Mirrors

Adventure Extendable Mirrors - Best Caravan Towing Mirrors Like Clear View

2021 UPDATE: In Everything Caravanning & Camping Adventure Extendable Towing Mirrors were mentioned as a good alternative. They have 100% positive feedback… and they’re $300-$400 cheaper!

Maybe I’ll get some for the Pajero…


3. Milenco Aero 3: The Best Caravan Towing Mirrors… All Round?

If someone asked me what the best caravan towing mirrors were on the market right now?

These would be my answer.

And to be honest:

I think they’re BETTER than ones that COST MORE.

Milenco Aero 3 - The Best Caravan Towing Mirrors

What’s to like about them?

  1. The price. At around $100, they still do the job. Awesomely.
  2. Ease of installation. They clip on pretty easily. They take a few seconds.
  3. Adjustable. Like the ‘Drive Easy Fit’ mirrors, slide the arm in and out depending on your vehicle width.
  4. Aerodynamics. Photos don’t do these things justice. They’re a little space age. The shape of the front = no trucks blowing them in.
  5. Ease of removal. A few screws, and they’re undone… which also means:

What’s not to like about them?

You need to check that they’re done up properly. They may go missing!

[That, or you may need to undo them and pop them away if you’re in somewhere security is an issue. Just sayin’]

What other people think?

This is an example: ouRVan in Victoria has sold about 150 pairs 5.0 star rating… so I don’t think I’m alone in saying that they’re the best caravan towing mirrors!

Best place to buy a pair?

Buy from ouRVan in Rosebud West, VIC via eBay



So there we are: the Milenco Aero 3’s and the Clear Views are the most commonly talked about (with BettaView Towing Mirrors and Adventure Extendable Towing Mirrorsbeing a cost-effective alternative)

When it comes to more budget-minded variations, I can personally vouch for the Drive Easy Fit mirrors.

Tow mirrors also feature hereMost Popular Caravan Accessories for Travelling Australia [2021]

If you’ve had any experience with other brands, or even these ones, comment below: