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Here you’ll find three DO35 hitch lock reviews… so you can choose the best option to keep your caravan, camper or boat safe

Now ‘best’ doesn’t just mean most expensive.

These are based on:

Size and weight.

Ease of use.


So if you’re after a DO35 hitch lock, buckle up to find the best option for you:

1.Cruisemaster Bi-Lock: The Smallest and Simplest DO35 Hitch Lock

If you want something small and simple then this one’s the answer

You get a dummy pin and a lock (plus 2 keys a dust cover):

Cruisemaster Bi-Lock Do35 Hitch Lock

You insert the dummy pin into the DO35 hitch from the top

The tip of the pin sticks out the bottom…

…and you fit the lock to the end of the pin.


What’s to like about them?

  1. Small size. These take up next to no space.
  2. Simple. Pin in, lock on.
  3. Lightweight. The Bi-Lock only weighs 570g… next to nothing!
  4. Design. These are made specifically by Cruisemaster (who make the DO35 hitch)

What’s not to like about them?

The Cruisemaster Bi-Lock is perfect for stopping other people hitching up your van or trailer if they ALSO have a DO35 hitch

[the coupling becomes unoperable]

But if someone wants to hook your chains over their towball and drive away?

Different story.

What other people think?

Pretty much anyone who has one loves it:

Cruisemaster Bi Lock - Do35 Hitch Lock Reviews

Best place we’ve found to buy?

Buy from VC Vehicle Components, via eBay [cheaper than buying direct from Cruisemaster]


2.Saracen Off-Road Hitch Lock: Best Heavy Duty DO35 Coupling Lock

This one is HEAVY duty.

Saracen Off-Road Do35 Hitch Lock Fits V1-V2-V3

Place a backing plate in position, clamp over the cover, and lock the locking pin.

The main thing:

No one will be breaking into this thing in a hurry

What’s to like about them?

  1. Purpose built. It was developed specifically for the DO35 hitch (the new model fits all version of the DO35)
  2. Tough. High strength steel and a 7-pin lock that’s resistant to cutting, picking, drilling and gas freezing
  3. Quality construction. This one’s made by Purple Line (2019 finalists in the Excellence in Caravan & RV Manufacturing Awards)
  4. Visual deterrent. It’s big, bright, and orange. Thieves are more likely to skip your van

[Thieves are less likely to do the chain hook-up thing too… it’d be obvious driving down the road with this thing on]

What’s not to like about them?

They’re a bit heavier at 3.1 kg… I guess that’s the price you pay for strength

They’re a bit bigger and bulkier too

Do35 Hitch Lock - Saracen Off-Road Hitch Lock Fitted

[But hey, that means potential thieves can see them from a distance]

What other people think?

The best feedback I could find is from the Outback Equipment… they’ve sold 72 on eBay and have a 99.1% positive rating

Best place we’ve found to buy?

Buy online from the guys at Outback Equip, QLD vis eBay [that way you’re guaranteed to get the one that fits the V3 too]


3.Kovix Alarmed Trailer Lock KTR-18: The Best DO35 Hitch Lock

This is consistently rated the best hitch lock all round:

Not just in DO35 hitch lock reviews… but as the best caravan, boat or camping trailer hitch lock

D035 Hitch Lock - Kovix Alarmed Lock KTR 18

[the Kovix fits the DO35 as well as standard 50mm balls and the Treg-style block]

Buy once, buy well.

What’s to like about them?

  1. Built in alarm. It has a 120dB motion-activated alarm system (that’s VERY loud)
  2. Won’t go flat. A long life 3V lithium battery is included.
  3. Ultra strong. Made from 304 grade stainless steel, no one’s getting into this easily (resistant to impact, drilling and cutting… and has an anti-cutting sleeve)
  4. Weatherproof. The lock is rust resistant and the electronics are water proof
  5. Removable ball. Unlike other DO35 hitch locks you can use it for other caravans, boats or trailers you might get in the future

What’s not to like about them?

They’re a little heavy at 2.6 Kg… and they’re a bit more expensive at about $180

Totally worth it.

What other people think?

This says it all:

D035 Hitch Lock Reviews - Kovix Alarmed Lock KTR 18

[Check any review site, this is the one that’s consistently recommended for caravans, boats, and trailers]

Best place we’ve found to buy?

Here on eBay with this search link

Summary: DO35 Hitch Lock Reviews

So there we are: the Cruisemaster DO35 Bi-Lock is the hitch lock that’s by the manufacturers of the DO35. The Saracen Off-Road Hitch Lock is made by Purple Line specifically for the DO35.

But when it comes to the winner of DO35 hitch lock reviews, you can’t go past the Kovix Alarmed Trailer Lock KTR 18

The Kovix alarmed trailer lock also features here33 Most Popular Caravan Accessories for Travelling Australia [2019]

If you’ve had any experience with other brands, or even these ones, comment below:

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