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This article is to give you 13 caravan storage ideas.

These are the caravan packing tips that’ve really helped us travelling around Australia

But not so we that can fit in more stuff…

…but just so that our caravan isn’t so hectic!

To be honest:

It’s still pretty crazy because we’re a family of 5

So here’s how we’ve made it more like organised chaos:

1. Use Velcro to stick things to your caravan walls

I have a velcro addiction.

We use it to stick remote controls, iPods, markers, torches, and our weather monitor station thing to the wall.

Caravan storage ideas - Velcro Remote Controls

One of the best things is:

It makes stuff easier to find too (they tend to end up back in their home more often)

A role of velcro tape is only a few dollars from Amazon.

Totally worth it.

2. Stackable pots and pans make caravan kitchen storage A LOT easier

Pots and pans can take up a lot of space.

And, they’re a pain to get in and out.

Especially if they have long handles.

If you’re going to be travelling a lot, it’s totally worth getting a frying pan that doesn’t have handles.

Caravan storage ideas - Camec SmartSpace Pots

Even better: these Camec SmartSpace Pots may be a smart investment.

3. Store paperwork and spare blankets under mattresses

We took documents like birth certificates with us because we planned on travelling for 12-months.

These lived flat under our mattress in a plastic pocket

[this was one of those caravan storage ideas that sounds too easy to be any good]

Not taking important documents?

We’ve also found it handy for:

  • Spare blankets
  • Books, and even
  • Lego bases

4. Caravan storage is much easier when everything’s collapsible

Our collapsible laundry basket ended up being very useful:

Collapsible Laundry Tub

We used it for hand washing clothes… and the occassional bath for Eddie!

Our favourit collapsible caravan kitchen storage ideas are the mixing bowls and colander

There’s also collapsible kettles:

Caravan storage ideas - collapsible kettle

(I was sceptical about these at first)

There’s only one thing that we bought that didn’t really make sense: a collapsible dish drying rack

[It took up pretty much the same space]

We’ve found this thing much better:

5. Roll up your kitchen dish drying rack

Sure you can’t stack your dishes a mile high with these things

Caravan Storage Ideas - Roll Up Dish Rack

But still:

These roll up dish drink racks from eBay take up next to no space.

6. Use your oven and microwave as storage

When your oven or microwave aren’t in use they’re dead space.

This was my favourite caravan storage idea:

Microwave: bread and eggs

Oven: chopping boards and flatbread

[just get in the habit of checking before you pre-heat your oven]

7. Use storage containers that fit together so you don’t waste space

When you’re choosing storage containers for your caravan make sure you think about their shape:

You lose space whenever you use anything round

The more square, the better

Caravan Storage Ideas - Square Containers

So make sure you get square containers for the cupboard

Get cups that nest within one another

Use coffee keep-cups instead of mugs with handles

8. Instead of using round wine bottles get it in square boxes

Caravan storage ideas - cask wine

[it’s not that bad these days]

Just make sure you stock up before you head into the Northern Territory…

9. Use hooks and eyelets to hang what you can

3M hooks are perfect for hanging things inside your caravan.

We use them for things that aren’t likely to fall off while driving:

  • Hats
  • Kids’ torches
  • Sunglasses

Super Suction Hooks in Action

[If you get the Super Strong Suction Hooks you can even use them outside for towels]

So pretty much we use 3 types of hooks:

  1. Standard 3M type hook. For things like hats and hanging pictures.
  2. Eyelets. We can clip on keys etc and they don’t fall off while we’re driving
  3. Suction hooks. We put these outside to hang towels, plastic bags, etc.

10. Combine items whenever possible to reduce your caravan storage needs

Here’s an idea:

It’s easier when you have less things to store in your caravan.

But at the same time you don’t want to go without.

So try to dual-purpose items where ever possible.

Some examples:

  • Getting a Trail-A-Mate to combine your jockey wheel AND replace your heavy jack
  • A bucket with a screw-on-lid acts as a laundry basket but is like a washing wachine while you’re driving
  • Use unbreakable stemless wineglasses as your everyday drinking cups
  • Get some cheap K-Mart $2 keep cups for the kids to use for their everday cup

Caravan storage ideas - dual purpose

Trail-A-Mate: One of the 33 Most Popular Caravan Accessories for Travelling Australia [2021]

11. Vacuum seal spare clothes and bedding for storage in your caravan

Travelling for an extended period of time?

The odds are you’re taking both your cold AND warm weather gear:

Which you don’t need right now.

We bought some vacuum sealing bags from Amazon for our non-seasonal clothes and stored them under our bench seat.

Vacuum Storage Bags for Caravan

Saved heaps of space.

12. Store knives on the back of cupboard doors

This one’s not just about caravan storage ideas:

  1. It’s about keeping your knives sharp.
  2. It’s about safety.

We started with knives sliding around our draws (and getting blunt)

Then we bought some knives that had sheaths on them.

But once Eddie could reach the draws?

We needed to go higher.

Caravan Storage Ideas - Knives on Back of Door

This is the Camco Knife Safe from Amazon. Awesome bit of gear.

13. Increase your caravan’s storage by putting shelves inside shelves

The shelves that come standard in caravans are built for the average traveller.

Not for how you or I pack.

So to make the most of your space you can either:

Stand a shelf inside your cupboard…

Increase Your Caravan Storage By Creating Shelves Within Shelves - Standing

Or use one these under shelf hanging baskets inside your cupboard…

Caravan storage ideas - Under Shelf Hanging Basket

14. Go digital for storage of music, videos, and (maybe) books

This is one that can save you lots of space.

Instead of carrying CDs or DVDs all around the country…

… it’s worth spending an hour or so learning how to save them digitally.

[If you already own a copy then it’s not breaching copyright]

Maybe try a Kindle from Amazon?

They’re worth it.

15. Store herbs and spices in tic tac containers

Store herbs and spices in old tic tac containers

There are some herbs and spices that you just don’t use that much…

…but they’re handy to have when you need them.

This is a handy way to take them, but save space (and weight).

Sure, there might be a few things that get used more and this won’t work.

But hey, if you only need one big glass jar of something, and the rest can fit like this? Win.

Summary: Caravan storage ideas

So here’s 13 caravan storage ideas.

There’s plenty more out there I’m sure…

But these are the things that’ve really helped us

Your turn:

Comment below – what’s your favourite caravan storage idea?