Memberships that Pay for Themselves

Buy something for $12.50, and save $40 the same day. It’s hard to argue with that equation, isn’t it!   We’ve found that there’s a few memberships that are worth getting straight away (even if you only travel ocassionally). Others… before you make a booking at a caravan park check out their websites. Joining their Read more about Memberships that Pay for Themselves[…]

Free Camping 101: Getting Started with 12V and Solar Basics

Before you buy anything 12V you should check out this episode! You know who else should listen to this one? Anyone that has a 12V system that came with their caravan or camper (especially if it was factory fitted!)

In this episode we cover:

How to work out how much battery storage you need?

What’s the most critical piece of equipment in a 12V solar set-up?

Why you can get a greater amount of charging from a smaller wattage folding solar panel than one mounted on top of your caravan/camper?

Why you can’t rely on the caravan charger to charge your battery when you’re plugged in to a 240V power-point?

The biggest mistakes people make related to their 12V set-ups?

Why inverters hardly sell anymore?! […]

Free Camping 101: Which Battery is Best Bang for Your Bucks?

Do you have a deep cycle battery? If you do (or are planning on buying one), then check out this interview.

Are the more expensive types of batteries worth it when you weigh up things like depth of discharge, longevity, etc… or are you better off replacing cheaper batteries more frequently?

What are the main mistakes people make with the care of their batteries?

How does temperature really impact your batteries?

What are the main pros and cons of AGM vs Gel vs Lithium batteries?

Which companies make the better batteries? […]