Our neighbour had his wheel chocks stolen when we were at Freycinet (one of the Our Top 5 Low Cost or Free Camps in Tasmania). About the same time we were seeing posts about people having their solar panels go missing when people were on day trips… and asking how to protect solar panels from theft

How to Protect Solar Panels From Theft

We researched and found three options that seemed the best:

1. Combination Bike Locks

We started off with these. They were cheap, easy, and very convenient. We got three of them and sett them all to the same combination. This meant that we could use them for the sanel panels, bikes, etc… and the kids could open them too. For only $15 from Amazon they were a cheap and easy start (and there’s no keys to lose). These were one of our Our Top 20 Items Under $20 that Make Our Life on the Road Easier:

Combination Bike Locks

2. Stainless Steel Cable and Padlock

This set-up means that there’s no real extra bits and pieces hanging around, and can still use the full length of the 5m cable… and still point at the sun when we’re out and about! $13.55 total for the stainless steel cable and swages. It’s not going to stop a determined thief, but the opportunist. If someone is going to come back with tools, nothing would stop them anyway!

How to Stop Solar Panel Theft

3. Alarmed Cable Locks

A little more expensive (about $90 off Amazon)… but worth it if you ask me! Great not just for the solar panel if you go out for the day, but overnight a good option for securing the Weber Baby Q. A sound alarm is set off and rings continuously for 10 minutes as soon as the lock is forced or its cable is being handled. Hopefully just enough to scare anyone way.

Alarmed Cable Lock

If you’re asked how to protect solar panels from theft, there is no 100% answer. Most options are about buying time… or stopping opportunistic theft.

Other than bolting them to your roof, how do you protect your solar panels from theft?