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We all need a break sometimes. Between work, raising kids (or fur babies), chores, errands and performing the other mundane aspects of life, you can get tired if you don’t take a break. A holiday is more than just visiting a new destination; it’s a chance to recharge your batteries, rejuvenate your spirit and restore some sanity if you’re feeling frazzled. So, if you’re feeling worn out, burnt out or just plain exhausted, taking a holiday could be just what the doctor ordered.

And travelling around Australia is a fantastic holiday experience. It’s a gorgeous country with vibrant cities, lush forests, breathtaking deserts and other incredible landscapes. However, it can be expensive, and all the travelling costs include food, accommodation, hire cars, and flights. Luckily, there are some tried and tested ways to save money when travelling in a sunburnt country. This helpful article will share eight of them. So, read on to discover more.

1. Buy a Holiday Package

One way to save serious money is to find holiday packages in Australia. A holiday package is a special deal where you pay a set amount, covering your flights, accommodation, tours, food and more. We say some food because some package deals include breakfast and dinner, but not lunch – or a combination of paid-for meals, but others you may need to source yourself. A holiday package can end up cheaper because if the travel company sells enough of them, they get a discount on some of the expenses, which they can pass on to the traveller. 

2. Take Public Transport

One expense when travelling to Australia can be flights from state to state, the hire car at your destination, or taxis or rideshare services to transport you around the city. You can save some decent cash by utilising public transit systems where appropriate. For instance, most large cities are well serviced by buses, trams and trains – like Melbourne or Sydney. If you’re staying in a city, skip the hire car and instead use this method of transport. The savings will add up.

3. Book Accommodation With Cooking Facilities

One expense that quickly adds up when travelling around Australia is the cost of food. If you’re buying food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between for a whole family, you could be spending close to a hundred dollars a day, if not more. That’s why it makes sense to book accommodation where you can cook and prepare food. For instance, you could make your own breakfast at the hotel or hostel, pack a lunch, and then come back and cook dinner. You can get supplies at the supermarket and find decent savings this way.

4. Be Savvy With Exchange Rates

Lucky for travellers from the USA or Europe – the Australian dollar is relatively weak against these currencies. This means that your money will stretch more than if you were travelling in your home country. However, exchange rates can fluctuate, and some days you might get more bang for your buck depending on the current rate. It is worth keeping some of your native cash in reserve and watching the exchange rates. Exchange on a day when it will be worth your while.

5. Travel Out of Peak Seasons

Travelling to Australia during the peak holiday season means that everything is crowded. You may find that some venues and businesses inflate their prices to make the most of the busy period. Travelling out of the peak season guaranteed a quieter and possibly cheaper time. 

6. Pack Smart

One effective way to save money when travelling around Australia is by packing every item of clothing you need for the trip. This way, you’re not tempted to buy clothes when travelling. Australia’s climate can be wild, so it’s worth researching the places you’ll visit. For instance, Melbourne’s weather is particularly fickle – fluctuating between sunshine and hail some days. Ensure your wardrobe is sufficient, and you’ll save some money. 

7. Travel Between States Mid Week

You’ll find that airfares are more expensive on the weekends. If you want to travel between states, such as Queensland, to Western Australia, try booking a mid-week flight. You’ll save some money on the flights that can be banked or put towards a fun experience at your destination.

8. Buy Drinks from The Bottle-O

Bottle-O is an Australian slang term for a liquor store. You might be tempted to hit a local bar or pub if you enjoy a drink. However, you’ll pay a steep price for over-the-bar alcohol. A cheaper way to enjoy a drink is to buy a bottle of spirits or some beer or wine from the bottle-o, which will save you a decent amount of coin.

A Budget-Savvy Summary

This helpful article shares eight tried and tested ways to save money when travelling around Australia. Follow these tips for some serious cost savings.