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In this article I’ll review the BougeRV 50L Portable Car Fridge/Freezer that I got here direct from BougeRV 

I have to admit:

When I first came across this car fridge I was skeptical

(it’s an imported brand that’s pretty much unheard of in Australia)

But to my surprise?

This car fridge exceeded my expectations

(and has even outperformed my current EvaKool fridge)

In this review I’ll share my thoughts and experiences with the BougeRV Car Fridge and highlight its key features.

Let’s get started:

Arrival and Assembly: Some Assembly Required

The BougeRV 50L Portable Car Fridge/Freezer comes with both a 12V and 240V power cable:

BougeRV Car Fridge Freezer 12V and 240V Cables

Upon receiving I found that it required some minor assembly.

BougeRV Car Fridge - Some Assembly Required

But the process was straightforward.

BougeRV Car Fridge Parts for Assembly

And the included instructions were easy to follow.

BougeRV Car Fridge After Assembly

Within minutes the fridge was ready for use.

BougeRV 50L Portable Car Fridge/Freezer Design: Lightweight and Sturdy

One of the standout features of the BougeRV car fridge is its light BUT still feels sturdy.

Despite being lighter than my previous fridge by 1 kg, it feels solid and well-built.

(it doesn’t feel like it’ll break when having the kids’ gear thrown on top of it in the back of the car)

Car Battery Protection: Low Voltage Cut-Out

One of the things that I was most reluctant about with this fridge was that I thought I would need add a low-voltage cut out switch into my tow vehicle

(I’d just got a new car that didn’t yet have a dual battery set-up)

BougeRV Car Fridge Freezer 3 Stage Battery Protection

The good news is that this fridge has 3 levels low voltage cut-out

(this ensures that my vehicle’s battery is not drained excessively)

Impressive Cooling Ability: 20 Minutes to Freezing

The cooling ability of the BougeRV car fridge is pretty good:

BougeRV 50L Car Fridge Freezer - Room Temperature

It cooled from 20 degrees to 0 degrees in just 20 minutes.

This lets me quickly cool down drinks or freeze perishables for camping without any hassle…

BougeRV 50L Car Fridge Freezer - Zero Degrees Temperature in 20 Minutes

…and means I don’t have to change my last-minute approach to everything!

One of the best things I like about it?

The smaller compartment in the dual-zone actually gets cold (unlike my other fridge)

BougeRV Car Fridge Freezer - Dual Zone

* I also tested the insolation properties by getting both of my fridges to 4 degrees and then turning them off. It took my Evakool fridge just over 3 hrs 45 mins to get to room temperature, while the BougeRV fridge took just over 5 hrs.

*** 6-Month Update: Still Going Strong (With Constant Use)

To put this thing through its paces I thought I’d give it a really good test:

Whenever it’s not in the back of my car, I leave it constantly turned on 24/7 as a drinks fridge in my office…

It hasn’t skipped a beat!

Since then I’ve also discovered that it’s now been featured in some outdoor magazines such as RV Life and RVBusiness

(it’s reassuring to know that others have also been happy with its performance)

Conclusion: Very Happy With My BougeRV Car Fridge

Overall, I’m very happy with my BougeRV 50L Portable Car Fridge/Freezer

It cools quickly, has good battery protection features, and holds its temperature well

(which means it needs to draw less power)

If you’d like to get one then check them out here

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