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This article is to review the Dreambly Laundry Sheets that I got from Adventure Awaits.

They’re marketed as an all-in-one wash and dry sheet…

So I’ll answer the question:

Do they do the job of cleaning your clothes properly?

And just as importantly:

Are they good value?

Let’s get started.

My Review: Here’s My Thoughts and Opinions on the Dreambly Wash + Dry Sheets

When you’re caravanning or camping you start looking at things differently…

Dreambly Wash + Dry Sheets Compared with Laundry Powder and Liquid

…bigger isn’t better.

You want everything smaller. Lighter. And, with less fuss.

[But you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it]

How you wash your clothes is no different.

One of the best purchases I got for washing clothes in a caravan is my Scrubba Wash Bag

(you can read my full review here)

So when I got some of these with my Scrubba Bag I was pretty interested:

Dreambly Laundry Sheets: First Impressions

The first thing I thought when I got these was:

“Wow, these are neat and tidy.”

Dreambly Wash and Dry Sheets - Compact Pack of Wipes

I don’t know about you, but I hate when I do washing and end up with powder everywhere

[Or even worse: have powder spilled in the caravan]

Having laundry liquid run down the sides of the bottles? Ugh.

So I was SOLD just on how clean and compact they were for the caravan… before I’d even used them!

What Do Dreambly Laundry Sheets Actually Do?

Dreambly Wash + Dry Sheets describe themselves as the all-in-one laundry sheet.

To do a load of washing it’s simple:

You pull out a sheet like you would a baby wipe…

Dreambly Laundry Sheets Review

…and just put it in with your load

[if there’s a stain you rub it on there first]

Then, if you use a tumble dryer, you leave the sheet in with it.

Dreambly laundry sheets are supposed to do 6 things. They’re:

  1. Detergent
  2. Stain remover
  3. Fabric softener
  4. Whitener
  5. Brightener
  6. Anti-static

I’ll be honest:

Calling them a whitener and brightener is a bit of a stretch because all detergents do that

(And who cares about static?!)

But hey, some people obviously do.

Apparently there’s other uses for them too… check out this video for a good laugh:

For me, they serve 3 functions:

Stain removal, clean, soften.

For a compact packet of wipes that’s an all-in-one pretty good deal…

…and how no-fuss they are makes them PERFECT for taking caravanning or camping

(especially when you combine them with a Scrubba Wash Bag)

My Results From Using Dreambly Laundry Sheets: Do They Wash Clothes Properly?


For this Dreambly Laundry Sheets review I did a couple of basic tests.

I put one Dreambly sheet in for each of these washes:

  1. A black and a blue t-shirt: No residue or lint.
  2. My gym gear after a session: No smell.
  3. A standard load of washing: No different to our normal detergent.

Now, I have to admit these weren’t the most scientific of tests:

I didn’t wash identical items separated out by detergent vs Dreambly sheets… and get someone that was blindfolded to choose a winner.

All I wanted to do was answer a simple question:

Can Dreambly Laundry Sheets really replace normal laundry detergent when I go caravanning?

I’m happy to say “yes”

Price: Dreambly Wash + Dry Sheets compared with normal laundry detergent

Now this depends on what brand you buy, so in this case I thought I’d choose a well known brand

(and use their standard version, not the fancy types)

Dreambly Wash and Dry Sheets Price - Loads Compared with Laundry Liquid

Here’s what I found…

You get 20 loads of washing out of a 1L bottle of Cold Power that costs $10… or 40 loads of washing out of a packet of Dreambly Laundry Sheets that cost $23.95

So that’s:

Cold Power Liquid: $0.50c per load

Dreambly Laundry Sheets: $0.60c per load

So if you do a load of washing every day of the week?

You’re paying an extra $0.70c per week for how compact and convenient these are.

To me, that’s worth it.

You can also get them here in single packets… at about $1 per pack.

Dreambly Individual Packs - From Caravanning With Kids

When I’ve had to fly interstate for work I’ve taken a couple of these and the Scrubba… worked a treat.

Are Dreambly Laundry Sheets Environmentally Friendly?

My initial reaction was:

Just more landfill

Dreambly Laundry Sheets Review - Features

But when I saw the “OUR PLANET” on the packet it got me reading:

  • Natural ingredients
  • Biodegradable in 10 days
  • Organic stabilisers (whatever that means)
  • Scented with essential oils

Greta would approve.

Conclusion: Dreambly Wash + Dry Sheets Are Perfect for Caravanning and Camping

Overall, I’m really happy with the Dreambly Laundry Sheets for taking in the caravan.

I found they do the same job as laundry powder or liquid… but make do washing cleaner and easier.

I recommend the Dreambly Wash + Dry Sheets especially if you’re:

  • Caravanning and are short on space
  • Camping and want something compact
  • Are prone to powder or liquid spillages

Click here if you would like to buy some from Adventure Awaits

Portable Clothes Washing System - Scrubba Wash Bag and Dreambly Laundry Sheets and Pegless Clothesline

(for a really portable travel clothes washing system then also check out the Scrubba Wash Bag and the Slide n’ Dry pegless clotheslines)

Thanks for reading this Dreambly Laundry Sheets review. I hope it answered any questions you have but if you do have any more please comment below

Dreambly Laundry Sheets








Size and Weight





  • Small and compact
  • Easy to use the right amount every time
  • Just as effective as normal detergent
  • No more spills in the caravan
  • Environmentally friendly detergent


  • Slightly more expensive than normal detergent
  • You have the used sheet to dispose of afterwards