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In this article you’ll find 17 caravan gift ideas for Christmas.

These are things that are useful… whether you’re a travelling family or grey nomad.

Let’s get started:

1. Bamboo caravan travel mugs: The perfect gift for anyone that loves coffee and caravanning

Caravan Gift Ideas - Bamboo Travel Mugs - Caravaning With Kids

These cups are the perfect Christmas stocking filler for the person that:

  • Is environmentally conscious
  • Drinks a lot of coffee
  • Loves caravanning
  • Loves letting everyone know how much they love both coffee and caravanning!

Bamboo caravan travel mugs: Available from Adventure Awaits

2. Scratch Map of Australia: The Christmas gift to help track your travels

This one is a great Christmas gift for those that travel a lot…

…because it’s a fun way to record where you’ve been

You scratch the gold foil off the places you’ve visited:

Scratch Off Map of Australia

It then shows different colours and landmarks

[The only problem is you realise how big Australia is… and want to travel more!]

Scratch Map of Australia: Check it out here on eBay

3. Accessories for the Weber Baby Q

The Weber Baby Q is one of the most popular caravanning items…

…and there’s a few caravan gift ideas that can make it even more useful.

Some great finds on eBay include the Duffel Bag

Caravan Gift Ideas - Weber Baby Q Duffle Bag

…or Breakfast Plate so you can do bacon and eggs on it

Caravan Gift Ideas - Weber Baby Q - Breakfast Plate

Also, check out the Rotisserie Attachment

4. Scrubba Wash Bag: The gift that makes hand washing clothes easier

Hand washing clothes is inevitable when you’re travelling in a caravan…

The Scrubba Wash Bag is like a dry-sack but with an old school wash board inside.

You add water, dirty clothes and a little detergent:

Then your washing is done in a flash.

Caravan Gift Ideas - Scrubba Wash Bag

[It’s the Christmas gift that makes everyday vanlife quicker, easier, and with less water being spilled everywhere]

Scrubba Wash Bag: Best place to buy is from Adventure Awaits

PS: This pairs well some with Pegless Clotheslines (also from Adventure Awaits) to create a complete lightweight caravan laundry system.

5. Turkish Towels: The most popular towels for caravanning

Turkish Towels are the best towels for caravanning becuase:

  • They’re light and save space
  • Even though they’re thin they’re super absorbent, and
  • They come in pretty cool colours and patterns

Caravan Gift Ideas - Turkish Towels

[So you know who left theirs on the caravan floor!]

Hammamas Turkish Towels: Available here on Amazon

6. Furrion Lit: The best portable speaker for caravanning

I’ve always been a BOSE fan… until I saw this one:

Caravan Gift Ideas - Furrion Lit Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Furrion Lit is waterproof, shockproof and sandproof

[Perfect for the caravan]

These are pretty feature packed:

  • Torch built in
  • USB to charge your phone
  • Emergency SOS light and siren

Furrion Lit Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Best place to buy is Outback Equipment’s online store via eBay

7. Slimline insulated travel mugs: Keep your Christmas drinks hot or cold

The guys over at Love Your Travels have an answer to the biggest problem with insulated travel mugs:

These ones actually fit in your cupholder.

We love ours (for both hot and cold drinks)

Love Your Travels Slimline Insulated Travel Mug

They’re great quality that will last

A perfect for anyone who spends a decent amount of time in their car or caravan:

Slimline insulated travel mugs: Buy directly from some fellow Aussie travellers at Love Your Travels

8. Collapsible Christmas gifts for the caravan

The great thing about collapsible items as caravan gift ideas is that they save space AND they’re on these multi-purpose caravan accessories

Caravan Gift Ideas - Collapsible Items

Our favourite collapsible caravan kitchen storage ideas are the:

Collapsible Laundry Tub

[Our collapsible tub gets used for handwashing as well as a baby bath]

We got ours from Aldi, but you can also get them pretty cheap on Amazon.

9. AeroPress Coffee Maker: Give the Christmas gift of great coffee

It’s hard to go past this for anyone that loves caravanning and lots of coffee

Aeropress Most Popular Caravan Coffee Making Accessory

[These have a 5.0 star rating on Amazon]

Aeropress Coffee Maker: The Best Way to Make Coffee If Caravanning or Camping

And I love this:

“If I were a robot, the AeroPress would be my arm”

AeroPress Coffee Maker: The best place to get is here on Amazon

[But if the person you’re buying for is a short black fan… check out the MiniPresso below]

10. A decent headlamp: One of the most useful Christmas gifts you can give for caravanning

A decent headlamp is a very useful. It leaves both hands free to do things like:

  • Hitching up at night
  • Visiting the toilet block
  • Night walks with the kids
  • Looking for frogs
  • Changing over gas bottles
  • Packing up as much you can the night before travel days

Now headlamps are something you can go el cheapo on… but remember:

They get used a lot.

Caravan Gift Ideas - Petzl Tikka Headlamp

I recommend: The Petzl ‘Tikka’ Headlamp from Amazon

11. Savvy Level: The best electronic caravan levelling gadget

You stick a transmitter in your caravan…

SavvyLevel Precision Caravan Levelling System - Phone App

…and there’s a free app for your phone or tablet that tells you when you’re level

This makes the SavvyLevel the perfect gift for the solo caravanner

But also… it’s described as:

“a marriage saver when levelling at the end of a long day”!

SavvyLevel Levelling SystemBest place to buy is here on eBay

12. Wacaco MiniPresso: The perfect Christmas gift for espresso lovers

The MiniPresso is the perfect gift idea for the caravanner who’s approach to coffee is:

Quality over quantity.

Caravan Gift Ideas - Wacaco MiniPresso Coffee Maker

It pumps out a perfect shot of espresso… great for people that:

  • Drink short blacks
  • Like single-shot coffees, and
  • Don’t drink several cups at once

It comes in 2 models: GR (Ground Coffee) or alternatively NS (Nespresso Pods)

Wacaco MiniPresso: The best place to get is here on Amazon

Want other options?

Read7 Ways to Make Coffee in a Caravan [Powered and Unpowered]

13.Tesalate Sand Free Beach Towels: The Christmas gift for people who love the beach, but not sand in their caravan

Turkish Towels are great for everyday caravan use.

But f the person you’re buying for loves the beach?

Tesalate Beach Towel - Sand Before and After

Before and after: All the sand falls off with a quick shake

This is where Tesalate Towels become a great gift idea. They’re:

  • Sand free so you won’t be dragging the beach around with you
  • Compact, saving space and weight
  • Quick drying, and
  • We have a double sized one that we also use as a picnic rug

Tesalate Bohemian Towel for Two Compared with Normal Towel

Tesalate Beach Towels: Buy through their website (use discount code THANKS10PPJ to get 10% off)

14. SmartSpace Nesting Pots: The gift that saves space in the caravan kitchen

There isn’t too much space in a caravan kitchen:

These things save a lot of space

Caravan storage ideas - Camec SmartSpace Pots

[They stack and the handles detach]

Camec SmartSpace Pots: The cheapest place to buy them from is Award RV Superstore via eBay

15. Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool: 18 Gifts in 1

There’s one word to describe these things:


(You can’t help but feel a little MacGyver whenever you use it)

Caravan Gift Ideas - Leatherman Wave

Ours lives in our glovebox… perfect for when you’re separated from your main tool kit.

(or just couldn’t be bothered getting them out for a small job)

Leatherman Wave: Here on eBay.

16. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System: The gadget that saves blowouts

These aren’t the cheapest thing in this list of Christmas caravan gift ideas…

…but tyres cop a lot of wear-and-tear from pulling a 2-3t van around Australia.

If they save one tyre, that’s money well spent:

No one wants a blowout while pulling a caravan at 90-100 km/h

TYREDOG Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring System: These are the top pick (recommended by the RAA), best price is here on eBay

17. Alarmed Caravan Hitch Lock: Help Keep their pride and joy safe

No caravan hitch lock is 100%…

…but you do you want to make it as hard (and as noisy) as possible

Wheel clamps do work well, but a decent hitch lock is a bit more portable.

Caravan Gift Ideas - Kovix Alarmed Trailer Lock KTR-18

The Kovix Alarmed Trailer Lock is the top pick: Check it out here on eBay

[If they have a Trail-A-Mate, also check out the Trail-A-Mate Anti Theft Lock as a Christmas gift idea: Best place to buy is from SunCoast Caravan Service, QLD via eBay]

If you want to find out my thoughts and experiences using this one?

ReadKovix KTR-18 Alarmed Trailer Lock Review: The Best Caravan Hitch Lock?

Your Turn:

So that’s 17 caravan gift ideas for Christmas.

[If you’re after some more ideas then check out: 33 Most Popular Caravan Accessories for Travelling Australia]

Comment below:

Any other great ideas we’ve missed?