In this episode we have with us Eddie Barr, owner of EMB Mobile Mechanic (@embmobilemechanic,, to talk about vehicle preparation and maintenance for travellers.

Eddie has 22 years’ experience as a mechanic, including working for several years with one of the major automotive roadside assistance companies. As the owner of EMB Mobile Mechanic, his company provides mobile servicing, inspections, and preparation work prior to travelling.


Today we cover things like:
* The top reasons mobile mechanics are called
* What you should do between services when to avoid break-downs
* The top things travelling families should have in their toolbox
* The other items people should have in their car
* Extra items to carry if going off-road


This podcast is aimed at those who are non-mechanics, and to help provide the basics that every family who is travelling should carry and know how to do to avoid unnecessary maintenance between servicing.


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