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In this article you’ll find 4 options for the best caravan mover.

Now ‘best’ doesn’t just mean most expensive…

…because not everyone wants a permanently installed mover

So here’s some options for the best caravan mover in each category:

  1. Ratchet jockey wheel movers
  2. Powered jockey wheel movers, and
  3. Traction roller movers.

So if you’re after a caravan mover, here you’ll find an option that should suit your needs and help you to get your caravan where you want it to go.

Let’s get moving:

The Best Caravan Movers in Australia for Each Category [2021]

1. Alko Power Mover: The Best Caravan Mover on a Budget

This is the best caravan mover to get if you don’t want to spend too much money


These are a pretty affordable option for between $130 – $170 on eBay. You will be able to slowly and surely reverse your van into those tight spots

Alko Power Mover - Best Caravan Mover on a Budget

[They’re also great for hooking your caravan up to your car too]

What’s to like about them?

  1. The price. They’re pretty cheap. But do the same job.
  2. Ease of installation. They clamp on and off just like a jockey wheel.
  3. Portable size. Because they’re like a normal jockey wheel, you can take them with you on your travels (so you can easily use it at the caravan park too)
  4. No flat tyres. They’re made with solid tyres, so no need to worry about punctures
  5. Can be used on an incline. The ratchet system resists roll back, so you can push or pull up a slight incline.

Alko Power Mover - Attached

What’s not to like about them?

These are designed for caravans with a ball weight of 150 kg or less (they’re rated to 350 kg static load and 150 kg moving capacity). So if you’ve got a bigger van this one isn’t the go for you.

Also, the gearing in the ratchet system is great for making it EASY to move, but the trade off is speed. It can take a while if you’ve got a long distance to go.

What other people think?                   

These consistently get a 4.5 star rating no matter where you look… so they’re pretty good!

Best place to buy

You’ll find them on eBay for $130 – $170. The best place I’ve found Discount Trader in Ferntree Gully, VIC via eBay

2. Camec Trailer Valet Mover: The Best Ratchet Caravan Mover for Heavier Vans

If you have a heavier van then these are the best caravan movers (in the ratchet category at least).

Camec’s Trailer Valet Complete Mover Unit is good to go for caravans up to 2,200 kg and ball weights up to 220 kg

[You’ll need the Trailer Valet Mover XL for anything heavier than this]

Camec Trailer Valet Mover - Best Ratchet Caravan Mover for Heavier Vans

Both models are like a cross between a ratchet and a motorised caravan mover…

What’s to like about them?

  1. Quicker or slower. It has a two gear system so you can go a bit faster on the flat or make it easy on inclines
  2. Automatic safety brake. This automatically engages if you let go of the steering handle
  3. Quick installation (without drilling). Comes with a mounting bracket which bolts onto the caravan’s A-frame
  4. Can replace your jockey wheel. It locks in place with a locking pin – when you’re not using it you can either take it off or flip it up parallel to the frame
  5. The price. They’re pretty cheap. But do the same job.
  6. Easy to use. Crank the handle to drive it and simply steer..

…or you can get a drill attachment so you can turn it into a motorised caravan mover!

What’s not to like about them?

The main thing is that it’s a bit heavy at 20 kg. So I’d either keep it at home in the garage, or keep it permanently attached as your jockey wheel.

What other people think?                   

The Trailer Valet Mover gets 4.5 stars, and the Trailer Valet Mover XL 5.0… Well worth the money!

Best place to buy

They sell for about $700 on eBay, seller with the best ratings and reviews is from Caravans Plus, NSW.

If you’re after the XL… again check here from Caravans Plus (they’ve got a 99.7% positive feedback)


3. T-Rex: The Best Motorised Jockey Wheel Caravan Mover

If you have a heavy van andwant the jockey wheel to do the work… then this might be the best caravan mover for you.

The T-Rex doesn’t cost much more than the Alko caravan mover…

…but it’s rated up to a massive 3,500 kg.

Best Caravan Movers - T-REX Motorised Jockey Wheel

What’s to like about them?

  1. They’re good quality. Even though they’re cheap, they’ve got a 4.7 star rating from 73 ratings. 100% of people would recommend them.
  2. They’re good value. The T-Rex is only $250 – $300, not much more than the Alko Power Mover which is a ratchet mover
  3. They’re easy. Move your caravan with the press of a switch.
  4. Forward and reverse. Pretty self-explanatory.

What’s not to like about them?

They’re a bit bulkier than the ratchet movers – you can’t leave it attached to your A-frame while you’re travelling.

So you need a bit of spare space in your boot tunnel if you plan on taking it travelling.

What other people think?

People think they’re pretty good…

Best Caravan Movers - T-REX Motorised Jockey Wheel Reviews

…so if you’re looking to balance value and function, this gets the vote for best caravan mover all round.

Best place to buy

Edisons’ online store via eBay is the best place to get them. But just in case, check here too

4. Purple Line Remote Control Caravan Mover: The Best of the Best

If someone asked me what the best caravan mover was on the market right now?

These would be my answer.

And to be honest:

I think they’re BETTER than ones that COST MORE.

Purple Line - Best Caravan Movers Remote

What’s to like about them?

  1. Negotiate steep driveways with ease. These work on gradients up to 24.9% (that’s STEEP!)
  2. Good for heavier vans. Weight capacity of up to 3,500 kg.
  3. Simple DIY installation. This means you can get them online for hundreds of dollars cheaper… and then also save a few hundred on installation
  4. Excellent quality. In 2019 Purple Line were finalists in the Excellence in Caravan & RV Manufacturing Business Awards.
  5. The easiest option. A remote control caravan mover? I was blown away the first time I saw how good these were in tight corners and steep driveways.
  6. No messing around. Once it’s installed, it’s installed. That being said – you can remove it and transfer to another van pretty easily.

What’s not to like about them?

They’re not exactly cheap.

That’s about it. Otherwise – can’t fault them.

What other people think?

On Trustpilot there’s 41 reviews with an overall ‘Excellent’ 5.0 star rating… so I don’t think I’m alone in saying that they’re the best caravan mover!

Purple Line - Best Caravan Movers in Australia 2019

Best place to buy a pair?

The best place to get them from is here from MCC Dandenong’s online store (they’ve got both the single and dual axle modes)

SUMMARY: The Best Caravan Mover in Australia

So there we are: the Alko Power Mover is the best caravan mover on a budget… while the Camec Trailer Valet Movers are the best ratchet caravan movers for heavier vans.

When it comes to having a motor do the work, it’s tough to go past the T-Rex Motorised Jockey Wheel for both it’s price and reviews.

But if you want top of the line? Then the very best caravan mover is the Purple Line Remote Control Caravan Mover

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If you’ve had any experience with other brands, or even these ones, comment below: