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I wanted to replace the bag awning on our Jayco Swan with a Fiamma roll out awning. So it got me wondering: what’s the weight limit for the roof a Jayco camper trailer?

After a bit of research this is what I found: The weight limit for the roof of our Jayco camper trailer is 100kg when the roof is down, and 79kg while it’s being raised. The weight of the most common accessories adds up pretty quickly, so it’s important to know the weights of everything before you add anything else.

Here’s a list of the most common roof accessories and their weights:

1. Weights of the most common air-conditioners mounted on the roof of Jayco camper trailers

When I started this article I planned on a single list of the most common rooftop accessories…

…but once I got to air-conditioners I quickly realised that there’s quite a few models that are commonly mounted to the roof of Jayco camper trailers:

There’s a 17.5kg variation between the lightest and heaviest air conditioners that commonly end up on the roof of a Jayco camper trailer!

Here’s a list of the air-conditioners that I’ve come across people mounting on the roof of their camper:

  • Aircommand Cormorant: 40kg
  • Aircommand Ibis MK3: 45kg
  • Aircommand Sparrow: 31kg
  • Dometic B1900: 34kg
  • Dometic B3200: 45kg
  • Dometic BR342: 40kg
  • Dometic CALR242: 45kg
  • Dometic FreshJet 2200: 32kg
  • Dometic FreshJet 3200: 37kg
  • Dometic Harrier: 45kg
  • Dometic Harrier Lite: 36kg
  • Dometic Ibis 3: 48kg
  • Dometic Ibis 4: 40kg
  • Truma Aventa Comfort: 33kg
  • Truma Aventa Compact Plus: 29.5kg

And if you need to reinforce the roof?

Air Conditioner Dometic H Frame for Roof of Jayco Camper Trailer

An aluminium H-frame like this one weighs 10 kg (sold by Outback Equip via eBay)

2. Weights of different Jayco camper trailer awnings

Here’s a list of bag awning weights based on the model of Jayco camper trailer.

It’s important to note that these weights aren’t the whole kit (ie – shipping weight). These weights are just the awning and the long pole that’s left in to roll it up:

  • Swan, Flamingo, Penguin (12ft): 18kg
  • Eagle and Hawk (11ft): 16kg
  • Dove and Lark (10ft): 14kg
  • Swift and Flight (8ft): 9kg

Replacing the bag awning with a roll out awning came 8th on this list: 35 Most Popular Jayco Camper Trailer Modifications

[and if you’re not sure whether you want to swap your bag awning for a roll out awning then check out: Fiamma vs Bag Awning for Jayco Camper Trailer: Pros and Cons]

Jayco Swan Camper Trailer Fiamma Awning Installation

Here’s some weights of the most popular rollout awnings:

  • Fiamma F45 3.5m: 24kg
  • Fiamma F45s 3.0m: 23kg
  • Fiamma F45s 2.6m: 19.5kg
  • Kakadu Ezi Arms: 23kg
  • Orbit Air Comet 325: 29kg

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3. Weights of other popular Jayco camper trailer rooftop accessories

Some of the other popular accessories that need to be taken into consideration with roof weight limits include:

  • Antenna, Winegard Sensar HV: 2.9kg
  • Bed end flys, Jayco (pair): 9.5kg
  • Bed end flys, Kakadu (pair): 8.0kg
  • Bend end flys, Campsmart: 8.0kg
  • Bike rack, Thule ProRide: 4.2kg
  • Roof rack, Coast Adjustable: 20kg
  • Solar panel, 160W (fixed): 10.2kg
  • Solar panel, 110W (fixed): 7.4kg
  • Solar panel, 160W (semi-flexible): 3.9kg
  • Solar panel, 110W (semi-flexible): 2.9kg

* The weights of the solar panels are based on these ones available from 4WD Supacentre (Kings) via their eBay store

4. How much weight can I put on the roof racks of a Jayco camper trailer?

Even though the roof racks might be rated to a max load of 100kg, the most you could ever put on them is 80kg… and that’s only if you don’t have ANY other rooftop accessories (eg bagged awning, bed flys, etc).

This is because roof racks like these (Coast to Coast) weight 20kg by themselves, and the roof weight limit is 100kg when it’s lowered.

When you have other accessories, you also need to take their weights into consideration for both the lowered and lifting roof weight limits.

For example:

Jayco Camper Trailer Roof Weight Limits - Jayco Hawk

If there’s a Jayco Hawk that has:

  • Bagged awning: 16kg
  • Aircommand Sparrow: 31kg
  • Air-conditioner H-frame: 10kg
  • Bed end flys: 9.5kg
  • Coast roof rack: 20kg

That’s a total of 86.5 kg… and this slightly exceeds the roof weight limit for lifting

(with nothing on the roof racks)

When the roof is down, if there’s any more than about 13kg on the racks then it would be exceeding the total roof weight limit.

Summary: Jayco camper trailer roof weight limits

In summary, the weight limit for the roof of a Jayco camper trailer is 100kg when the roof is down and 79kg while it’s being raised.

This means it’s important to prioritise your choice in accessories based on your style of camping.

Comment below if we’ve missed any accessories or there’s updates to the weight of different models. Otherwise…

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