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Here how I removed the centre pillar from the entrance cupboard in our Jayco Swan.

It’s a pretty simple job that gives 2 big benefits:

Not only does it make the dinette cupboard more usable…

Removing Centre Pillar From Entrance Cupboard Jayco Swan

…it means you don’t have to rely on those dodgy Jayco door latches

(I completely understand why this made it onto the list of the 35 Most Popular Modifications For Jayco Camper Trailers)

Here’s how I did it:

1. Parts and tools needed

The only tools I used for this modification were a:

  • Cordless drill, and a
  • Phillips head screwdriver

Magnetic Door Catch and Hinges for Removing Centre Pillar in Jayco Swan

Parts I bought were:

  • 2 x 4 kg magnetic door catches
  • 4 x 35mm butt hinges

I needed to replace the hinges because the existing ones are the type that fold back onto themselves (to become hidden) when the door is closed:

Quick Fit Hinges On Jayco Swan Camper Trailer Dinette Cupboard - Fold Back Flat Onto Themselves

They are offset from each other so the cupboard wouldn’t sit flat if you screwed them back on when they’re extended:

Jayco Swan Camper Trailer Door Hinges From Dinette Entrance Cupboard

2. Unscrew the centre pillar

The centre pillar is held in with four screws that come in from behind, through the end of the pillar, and into the horizontal beams.

This is the view from inside and behind the centre pillar:

Centre Pillar in Jayco Swan Entrance Dinette Cupboard - Held In With Screws Bottom

(once the screws are undone it’s easy to remove because the staples just pop out)

I sat on the cupboard so I could be sure it was structurally sound:

It’s still strong.

3. Remove the doors and replace the hinges

Here you can see that the replacement butt hinges are flat when they’re folded out:

Replacing Quick Fit Hinges with Butt Hinges - Jayco Swan Entrance Dinette Cupboard

4. Fit the magnetic door catches

One packet had two sets…

Fitting Magnetic Door Catches to Jayco Swan Entrance Dinette Cupboard - Top and Bottom

…so I screwed in a set on both the top and bottom

5. Hang the doors back on the cupboard

Jayco Swan Entrance Dinette Cupboard - Centre Pillar Removed and Doors Reattached

Hang the doors back on so that:

  1. There’s no gap between the doors, and
  2. The hinges are now visible

Jayco Swan Entrance Dinette Cupboard - Centre Pillar Removed and Doors Reattached (Closed)


Summary: Removing the centre pillar in the entrance cupboard in a Jayco Swan

Removing the centre pillar from the dinette cupboard is a simple job…

…but it makes a massive difference to how you can use the space in the cupboard.

Now, my job is to buy some baskets that fit in there neatly so it’s even easier to get things in and out

(and continue working through the rest of the list of the most popular modifications for a Jayco camper trailer)